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The wallbox as a key component of sector coupling

Energy transition meets eMobility: the energy, industrial, transport and building sectors, which have worked largely separately in their respective spheres for decades, are now facing a new challenge – the reduction of carbon emissions through sector coupling.

Sector coupling – what is it exactly?


Sector coupling essentially describes the efficient cross-sector distribution and use of electricity from renewable energies with the aim of substituting fossil fuels.

This isn’t an easy task. The expansion of renewable energy systems, for example wind power and photovoltaic based ones, which produce electricity in a dispersed manner on the roofs of buildings, is shifting generation away from centralised fossil fuel power plants. As a result, digitalisation is becoming ever more important. To intelligently control fluctuating energy generation and consumption and avoid inefficiencies, multiple areas and systems need to be linked together, e.g. buildings, electric vehicles and the power grid.

The big challenge is therefore to interconnect sectors, to break down existing silos. A number of players from different sectors are involved, from manufacturers of cars, wallboxes and energy systems (e.g. photovoltaics and storage) to energy suppliers and grid operators. The aim here is for the complete process regarding the intelligent distribution of available renewable energies to be rolled out on the roads. One example of an application that spans sectors is the intelligent charging of electric vehicles. And all of this is for the ultimate objective of achieving the energy transition.

Standardised regulatory frameworks and shared communication standards are essential for this cross-sector collaboration.

As a wallbox manufacturer, we don’t just see ourselves as a manufacturer, but rather as a company that is committed to getting to grips with all issues and challenges and having a thorough understanding of each sector. Our customers benefit from this knowledge and are thereby able to steer their new business models and products in the right direction. All requirements and the latest communication protocols have been incorporated into the development of the ghostONE white label wallbox. technology-leading wallbox onto the market and we are continually evolving through our dialogue with various industries. We have our finger on the pulse – and you can too!


We are more than happy to show you how our intelligent networked eSystems solutions can add to your success.